What I eat in a day (Paleo)

Paleo: What I eat in a day
June 4, 2022 0 Comments

Daily Paleo

Welcome back into my channel. Today I’m doing another What I eat in a day with easy healthy delicious recipes and meals. If you are new to my channel, I am a gluten free dairy free mainly paleo, but everything I make is super delicious.

Who doesn’t want to eat delicious food that can also be good for you?


It is time for breakfast, it is 10:09 and I generally practice intermitent fasting so I usually stop eating dinner probably at 6, would be the last time I eat and I will regularly start eating back around 10.

For breakfast I am so obsessed with the chia pudding. I have some meal prep that I’m going to have. and I’m really liking it with cinammon and rasberries. I know it is a weird combo. And I’m going to add a slice of the french pumpkin bread I made.

It is delicious, it’s paleo, keto.

I don’t have enough pudding for a full meal, but I want to finish it off so it’s just going to be a nice delicoius bowl filled with all the deliciousness.

Protip: You can meal prep french toast or pancakes. Freeze them and you can just toast them and that’s it.


I had a one one one client, been doing computer work. It is 1:30 now, I have an akashic reading in half an hour so I need to make lunch cause otherwise I wont be eating until 3, which is really late.


I’m going to make a mushroom omelette, chop these up with some side of avocado and some greens. And for my dressing I’m going to be using the Chosen Foods one, the Caesar one.

This one is one of my favorite seasoned dressings ever, all clean ingredients. You can get it at whole foods and other grocery stores.

This is just a quick lunch.

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