The Corporatization of Food

Food corporatization, meat eating myths
March 1, 2022 0 Comments

Clip from The JRE Podcast Episode #1784

Joe Rogan’s conversation with Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf.

Meat is teh most nutrient-dense perfect food for humans, it just is. It’s such an exhausting conversation when you say that to people though.. “What about your cholesterol”? And it’s working its way into policy which, as a mother, is very disturbing to me. New York City public schools.. vegan on Fridays now, in addition to meatless Mondays.

So now you have a school system where 70% of the kids are economically disadvantaged and they might go home on the weekends.. They need school lunch. And now you are flanking the weekends with nutrient poor both Friday and Monday. And it’s this ideologically driven thing that’s based on this idea that if you eat less meat it’s better for the environment . It is this thing that they say.. and they also say for health purposes.. like the China study.. One study and no matter how much you say, it’s like.. Hey! You gotta read the rebutles to the China study.. it shows that there was a lot of bias evidence.. they didn’t do a good job of being objective wiith that. So there is this thing called the global burden of disease. It is published by the landset and it’s what most global food policy is set on. Between the report in 2017 and 2019.. meat was 36 times more likely to kill you. And there were some resources, some friends of mine that pushed back, they wrote a letter to the landset.. it sounds like it finally will be publishing..

You can now eat 0 red meat safely

So there’s this theoretical minimum risk-exposure level, it’s supposed to be this safe level of meat you can eat, and it went down to zero.. according to this researches , which is going to be global food policy.

If they are not showing any evidence, if they are not showing any papers.. How is this science?

The global burden of.. is the landset, so it’s a very big deal.

I always thought that with scientific papers you had to cite sources, etc..

Up to probably about 2 years ago that was very consistent, then I think we started seeing some losening of the standards.

Dietary risks and deaths, 2017 vs 2019
Dietary risks and deaths 2017 vs 2019

They want food to be operated like IT, like software.

So they are saying that we gotta eat less meat..

Are you making money because of this? Why are you saying that?

You look like s웪 SO if you are saying to eat this plant-base burgers.. but you look obese!

You are one of the richest guys on Earth. You got access to the best nutrients, you can have an amazing trainer. You are giving out health advice and you are sick..

It’s literally like a non-athlete trying to coach professionals.

What are you talking about? How are you giving health advice when you look like that?

When you are walking around with man-boobs and a gut, with toothpick arms.. you are not healthy.

Have you noticed that?

We are kinda lucky , in a way.. The consumers sort of got in and poked at that..

Forbes did a study..

These people were usually very progressive and very anti corporation

On the one side there is this story that meat will cause cancer, and diabetes..
And then when we started to unpack that.. it’s a lot of work to unpack what those claims are. And , even, what is the motivation to do this? We start getting into conspiracy land..

Well, there are people who want to control teh system, they want to turn food into intellectually property that they woen.. that really seems to be what’s going on with this. – And I think they’ve realized consumers are not just going to buy it in the grocery store. And btw, it is twice as expensive. Beyond Burger is twice as expensive as organic grass-fed beef per pound.. But they sell it in half pound packages next to the pound packages.. a bit tricky.

So why not just make it policy and indoctrinate this kids.. from Kindergarten to grade 12 with these messages. The Meatless Monday messages, they are all wrong. – What is the message? – Meat is bad for your health and the environment. And they use this very simplistic infographics showing you.. Livestock takes up 3/4 of the land.. Ok , but it’s not talking about the types of land. Or.. you know, that your burger uses 10 bathtubs full of water.. But they are not talking that most of the water foot print for a cow is actually in the grass. It is called green water, it’s like water that’s already in the environment, in rain.. whether the cow is there or not it’s going to happen.

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